Witmart.com Website Review & Ratings + Witmart.com Coupons
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Witmart.com Website Review & Ratings + Witmart.com Coupons

Witmart.com: Products & Services

Witmart is a Website that orients itself toward individual users and businesses that need logo designs, meeting the needs through a unique crowdsourcing platform. Witmart posts the logo service details, as explained by clients, on the site and then designers bid and work on projects. Businesses and individuals have packages available to them as well as customer satisfaction is guarantees.

The logo packages at Witmart are:

Premium. This package is the most expensive one of the group. Expect 65 designers to submit logos for the project, for 80 designs. Other details include unlimited revisions, dedicated Account Manager, and business card design.

Professional. 50 designers are a guarantee, for 60 designs in total. Package includes unlimited revisions and unique design guarantee are included.

Value. The Value package at Witmart includes 40 designs, with 35 designers submitting potential logos. There are unlimited revisions and a dedicated Account Manager

Economic. This package guarantees 15 designers for 20 designs in total. The unique design guarantee is a part of the package, as are revisions.

The client simply posts the logo requirements, in the form of a contest, by filling out a form at the Website. Next, client receives custom logos. The third step is awarding the winner of the project.

Witmart.com: Company Background

Witmart is part of ZBJ Network, Inc. The base is in Houston, Texas. There is also an office in Toronto, Canada. Witmart is the sister site to ZBJ, which has its base in Chongqing, China and is a crowdsourcing network too. 

Witmart is a privately held organization. According to the LinkedIn profile, the company has between 201-500 employees. ZBJ Network is a virtual marketplace that attracts international designers and clients.

The CEO is Lei Zhou. To date, there are over 7 million registered users. The number is impressive!

Witmart.com: Customer Feedback & Reviews

While there is mixed feedback online for Witmart, the majority of reviews are positive. Here are examples from ResellerRatings and Virtual Assistant Assistant.

On ResellerRatings, Witmart gets a favorable rating. Over a 6-month period. The overall rating is 7.50 out of 10. Ratings come from user reviews. Here is an example of a positive review and then a negative one:

  • "Awesome service. I would highly recommend Witmart to anyone who needs a new logo or other creative designs! They were super easy and actually fun to work with and the results exceeded our expectations!" (Iloydsun, Rating of 5 stars out of 5)
  • "Disappointing. My logo wasnt not finished and I have had to pay more money to get it done properly." (toucancan, Rating of 1 star)

At Virtual Assistant Assistant, the review article suggests Witmart is likely worth checking out. Here is a snippet:

  • "Witmart’s marketplace includes a feedback and rating system for providers so you have an extra level of confidence when choosing a freelancer.  Looking at the experience of past employers can be helpful, especially if you’re signing on for a long-term project." (Nick Loper)

In the comments section of the above article, there is a positive review from a client:

  • "I have been working with Witmart now since the beginning of April. I have found them efficient polite and eager to learn." (Ray)
Witmart.com: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

For accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the writer could not find a profile on the business site for Witmart. Writer tried both US and Canada site versions. There is no BBB badge on the company Website.

Despite this lack of presence, Witmart has received a lot of coverage by major media outlets. For example, NBC News and The Wall Street Journal have both covered the company. As well, Yahoo!, Reuters and TechCrunch have written about Witmart.

In addition, the business features a few badges on its homepage that vouch for its security. There is a VeriSign Trusted logo and a TRUSTe Certified Privacy badge too.

Witmart.com: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Data gathered at Alexa, Google PageRank, and Compete indicate that Witmart is below average for site popularity.

According to the web statistics at Alexa, Witmart has a global rank of 99,366. Its rank is significantly higher than global statistic in China, where the rank is 13,826. Traffic rank is up over the past 7 days, with the average user viewing 4.9 pages each.

According to Google PageRank, the bidding Website has a page rank of 4 out of 10. Compete show the site has relatively low traffic.

Witmart.com: Social Media Presence

There are several social media profiles for Witmart. The company is active on Twitter as @witmartcom, sending tweets several times a week regarding projects available and current news events. There are nearly 1,000 followers to date.

On Facebook, the company also has nearly 1,000 followers to its page. There are regular posts by Witmart as well as interaction from followers of the social media page.

Google+ is another platform the business uses. There are fewer posts here than on Twitter and Facebook, as well as fewer online connections here. Only 29 people currently have Witmart in their circles on the network.

Overall, the business has active Twitter and Facebook accounts. There is less engagement on Google+ than the other accounts.

Witmart.com: Website Security & Safety

Witmart is a highly secure site. It has both the badges for VeriSign Trusted and TRUSTe Certified Privacy on its homepage. In addition, the Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page shows that, over the past 90 days Google, did not find the site to host any malicious software. Of the 6 pages that Google tested on the site, no pages led to the download of harmful software.

Witmart has a thorough Privacy Policy, as well. The policy explains that any payments made through the Website are under encryption using socket layer technology (SSL). 

Witmart.com: Pricing & Packages

The services that businesses and individual users can expect from freelance designers at Witmart are similar to the services available at competitor Fiverr. At Witmart, the users will pay substantially more than Fiverr for services. At Witmart, there are packages that have different price points. Fiverr, on the other hand, offers freelance design services for a cap of $5, regardless of type of job.

Witmart's logo design package prices are:

  • Premium - $549 USD
  • Professional - $349 USD
  • Value - $199 USD
  • Economic - $99 USD

While pricing is higher for clients at Witmart than at Fiverr, an argument is that clients may receive a higher quality logo because of offering to pay more. Higher pay than Fiverr may motivate freelancers to put more time toward the project in order to have the chance to win the design contest.

Witmart.com: Shipping Rates & Policies

Witmart is a virtual marketplace, offering services in the form of logos that need to get to the client. "Shipping" to the client occurs through the Website. Client logs into the site using a personal account and clicks the "Employer" tab. Scrolling down to the job and clicking on it reveals all bids received for that project. 

The business or user then clicks the "Hire" button beside the bid of choice. The client must pay the job-listing fee in order to open up bidding by designers to create the logo.

Witmart.com: Payment Methods Accepted

There are several payment methods acceptable at Witmart. Pay by:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Funds transfer within personal Witmart account

While not all competitors offer PayPal, Witmart does offer this convenient and safe payment method. Clients are also able to request a receipt for any payments they make. Simply sign into the site account, click on "Receipt" next to expense of choice and save it to a PDF file to print.

Witmart.com: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

There are many customer guarantees available at the virtual marketplace. The guarantees are:

  • Money back guarantee. If the client is not happy with designs received from project, the money is 100% refundable.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee. The Account Manager works directly with the client to ensure a high satisfaction level.
  • Unique design guarantee. Witmart staff to ensure uniqueness of the logos review each design entry for the contest.
Witmart.com: Product images & screenshots
Witmart.com Coupons
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